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Why live in Glebe?
Glebe was once a haven for Sydney’s alternative, intellectual, and artistic sets, but has rapidly become gentrified.

Today, the atmosphere is gently bohemian. You can still buy incense and tarot cards on Glebe Point Road, but most of Glebe has definitely entered the mainstream.

It’s convenient
Glebe is very close to the city – it’s a short bus ride or a great walk with multiple access points – but it feels more like an outer suburb.

It’s lively
There’s always something going on in Glebe. Every Saturday, for example, you can wander through the Glebe Markets. It’s a great place to buy hand-made jewellery, second-hand books, and clothes etc.

It’s beautiful
People who live in Glebe love its beautiful tree-lined streets and vintage terraces. The City of Sydney has called Glebe “one of the city’s most attractive villages”.

Cultural Life
In some ways, Glebe is the intellectual centre of Sydney.

A brief tour of the area’s man pubs will turn up a wide range of regular activities, from poetry readings to live music to crab racing.

Gleebooks, on Glebe Point Road, is a mainstay of the city’s intellectual and literary life. It regularly hosts public lectures and book launches.

Everywhere in Glebe is within walking distance of Sydney University, Darling Harbor and the City.

The Valhalla Cinema was one of Sydney’s best, offering carefully-selected range of non-mainstream films. Unfortunately doors closed, a few years ago and the property has since been redeveloped.

Real Estate & Design
The bulk of Glebe’s residential properties is renowned for blends of fine housing of Victorian and Edwardian vintage and classic Sydney terraces, semi detached and detached houses built from the late 1800 onwards, as well as offering numerous apartment and town houses maintaining local characteristics.

Restaurants & Cafes
When it comes to dining, Glebe residents are spoiled for choice. There are many fine restaurants and cafes in Glebe itself and immediate surrounds, offering a variety of food styles. , and in nearby Newtown.
The area offers some particularly good Indian and Thai food.

Broadway Shopping Complex provides locals with a good variety of supermarkets, fashion stores, books, food, etc

Buses are a good way to get from Glebe into the city. The ride takes less than ten minutes.

Sydney’s only ground-based light rail system also passes through Glebe, making it easy access to all visitors.

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