Why live in Newtown?

The name Newtown is attributed to local merchant, John Webster, who set up his store on what was then a bullock track and main southern route from the city called Bulanaming Road. The suburb has its origins as a land grants to the “Officers and Gentlemen” of the young colony of New South Wales.

Newtown is one of those interesting suburbs that has, since its beginning, attracted an eclectic mix of professionals, tradesmen, workers and the wealthy. This diversity is reflected today in the blend of housing from simple cottages to grand mansions.

Famous Landmarks
On its northern border is the classic Victorian public architecture of Sydney University and the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Opposite the Newtown station is the Hub cinema, an art deco picture house with a checkered history.

Real Estate & Design
After decades of neglect, Newtown is hot. Its mix of affordable terrace and semi detached houses is complimented by the pockets of painstakingly restored houses of grand proportions. Sitting beside these residences of the last two centuries are cutting edge contemporary designs and brilliantly redeveloped warehouse and industrial buildings, where the fine cedar detailing has given way to stainless steel.

Restaurants & Cafes
King Street and Enmore Road have their dining roots in the needs of local immigrant families and the students of nearby Sydney University. From that background has evolved an inexpensive and exciting blend of the world’s food, all delivered with style that makes Sydney the premier eating city. Over 60 restaurants thrive here, with food as diverse as Thai, Chinese, Malay, North African, Indian, Balkan, Japanese, Mexican, and of course, a touch of contemporary Australia cooking.

If you’re on a deadline, then grab some takeaway at one of the many stores that cater to the food needs of busy life. But if you’ve got some time, what better than fabulous coffee at one of the 50 cafes, a graze through some food, and some very serious people watching.

From their very beginning, King Street and Enmore Road have been vibrant retailing precincts in the old “main street” tradition. These days, they’re home to over 300 stores. On the street you’ll find, retro furnishings to antiques, designer clothes and recycled fashion, music, books, galleries, food, coffee and an interesting line in fetish fashions. Its Sydney’s most diverting shopping area, with a refreshing lack of department stores.

Schools, Education & Institutions
Newtown Primary, Stanmore Primary and the Cardenville Primary are the local State schools. Children looking to the limelight can attend the Newtown School of the Arts, and prestigious Newington is about 5 minutes away by car.

Sports and Fitness
On the southern border are the grassy acres of Sydney Park, and to the north, the Victoria Park Aquatic Centre. There’s the Universal Gym and the Newtown Gym to keep the body beautiful with a mix of weights and aerobics.

Distance from the CBD & Transportation
Newtown is 5.5km south west of CBD. There are plenty of buses along King Street, and Newtown Station is just three stops from the city.