Tenant Information

Dear Tenant,

Welcome to CMS Real Estate, we hope your stay in one of our managed properties is a stress free experience.

For your convenience, the following numbers may assist for connection of services, it is your responsibility to deal directly with these suppliers:

Direct Connect 1300 664 715 (Free service for all utilities)
AGL Gas Company 131 245
Energy Australia 131 535
Telstra Communications 132 200
Optus 133 343

CMS in association with Direct Connect can take the hassle out of moving, by offering FREE of charge a one stop shop process to arrange connection and disconnection of your telephone, electricity and gas for properties in Australia. The service is free to use and does not involve any contracts. The usual bonds and connections fees apply, but there are no additional charges for the Utility Ones’ services.

For our mutual convenience we have devised a number of systems to assist you in your dealings with us and to enhance our own security. These are as follows:


At CMS Realty we have a number of methods in place to make paying your rent convenient, all tenants are supplied with an individual National Australia Bank Rent Card. The NAB rent card allows you to make your rental payments either, over the counter at any Australian Post Office or by the Pay By Phone method.

You also have the convenience of being able to pay your rent direct into an account, we can provide you with the necessary information to enable you to carry this out. Please do not hesitate to contact your property manager to discuss any of these methods further.

Please note that rent must be paid on or before the due date. Please also be advised that either system is updated daily direct from our own bank so please make sure your rent is paid on time.


Should you require repairs or maintenance on the property you are currently residing in, the simple procedure is as follows, if the repair is not an emergency it should be put in writing and either faxed, emailed or sent to our CMS office using the forms provided. Many repairs can be authorised immediately but as we do not own your house we are often required to seek the owners permission. Please remember that our mutual interests and generally those of the Landlord, are best served when you are happy and your home is well maintained.


In the event that your maintenance / repair issue is an emergency, please call your property manager immediately on 9552 4333 during business hours to discuss the matter and we ask that you follow up the matter in writing for our files. However in the event that an URGENT repair is required outside business hours, (Renting Guide booklet) and it can not wait until the next business day, please contact the appropriate tradesmen that we have listed below for your convenience:

A Style - Adrian: 0414 456 553
Platinum - George: 0411 630 701

SMM Building - Steve: 0418 768 672

Handyman - Steve: 0418 768 672

ELECTRICAL D&D Electrical - 0418 643 072
DTE Electrical - Smoke Alarms Etc. 0415 495 219

VIP Glass- 9792 1684

Glebe Point Lock Smith- 0414 212 469 or for emergencies on: 9662 1920

Paws (Possum & A1 Wildlife Services): 9740 6662

State Emergency Services - 132 500

When and how much notice must be given.

If you are looking at vacating the property you are residing in your, Residential Tenancy Agreement will clearly stipulate the necessary notice and this is dependant on which agreement you are currently in, a) Fixed Term Agreement or b) Continuing Agreement .
Your notice of intention to vacate the premises must be put in writing, either faxed to our office on 9552 4613 or forwarded by mail. This notice must be signed by all parties noted on the lease to be duly accepted.


As per your Residential Tenancy Agreement, the landlord’s agent or any person duly authorised by the landlord, may inspect the premises up to 4 times in any 12 month period. You will always receive written notice of our intention to inspect the premises. We do not wish to inconvenience you, but this practice is necessary to maintain our standards of maintenance. Your property manager will forward a letter to you advising you of the their intention to inspect the property at least 7 days prior to the actual inspection taking place, in this time, if you have or are experiencing any maintenance problems with the property, we ask that you forward your concerns to your property manager to enable them to complete the inspection in a timely and effective manner.


Prior to you entering into a Residential Tenancy Agreement CMS Real Estate will provide you, a condition report, in triplicate, is carried out detailing the current standard of the property, this forms part of your Residential Tenancy agreement. This office will retain the original report, and you are provided, at the time of signing your contract. The copy must be completed, signed and returned to this office within 7 days of your occupying the premises.


We ask that tenants residing in the premises do not change locks without forwarding a set to our office at CMS - this is a condition of your Residential Tenancy Agreement and the enormous inconvenience entailed in this practice effects us both. CMS usually retains a complete set in event of an emergency and proves difficult if we have not been provided with a new set.


When completing your initial application form, you provide CMS with a number of contact details which in turn forms part of our data on our computer, in the event should you change jobs or other contact numbers, do let us know. This will keep our data updated.

Please be mindful of your obligation as a tenant, which is to pay your rent on time and in advance as per your Residential Tenancy Agreement, to maintain and keep the property in good order at all times and to contact CMS regarding any issues affecting the property. This will ensure a stress free experience.


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